Deflate Gate & Super Bowl Food

I’m going to a Super Bowl Party. I’m excited – more excited than I should be about these things. It’s football – only football – but the latest scandal with the Patriots and deflated footballs add drama. The kind of drama that I love – the kind that doesn’t deal with life and death situations like racial unrest, terrorism, instability in the Middle East and religious persecution. It’s the kind of drama that doesn’t affect my friends or my family. It’s drama that I can watch on tv and be grateful there is distraction.

In my humble opinion, if this was the Panthers or Browns (sorry Panthers and Browns fans) no one would care. It’s the Patriots – the cream of the crop – the top of the heap and therefore the biggest targets.

I love football drama.

So to celebrate football drama I’m going to try some new recipes.

cauliflower2This buffalo cauliflower recipe is one that I was really curious to try. I love anything Buffalo spicy flavored – but the cauliflower makes it healthier.

cauliflower3The recipe is here –

I followed it to the T. Almost.


I loved it. The husband loved it. And the girl loves it too! The cauliflower did not get lost in the Buffalo sauce like I thought it might. The taste of the cauliflower is actually enhanced by the sauce. I served it with the bleu cheese sauce in the recipe but it’s fine with ranch dressing for those (like the girl) who don’t like bleu cheese.

If I were to do it again, I would use less water when roasting the cauliflower so that it’s not so soft. We had to eat it with a fork so it’s not a great finger food but it would be a great side to a protein or hamburger as well. It’s delicious! Definitely worth a try and you can bring it to your Super Bowl party!



How Else Would I Know?

The last few weeks have been full of challenges but I can always rely on the boy for a smile or two. I essentially stalk social media to see what he’s up to because we haven’t spoken much the last few weeks. How else would I know what’s he’s up to? I know that he’s studying because he has a challenging semester but the constant is his ability to have a good time.

By the way, and I can’t believe I haven’t bragged about this earlier – must been a crazy January month – but, the boy went back to school a few days early in order to finish up a certification. A couple of days later, we get a text from him with this photo – ian3This means that he is now a Instrument rated multi-engine commercial pilot – or something like that. It also means that after two and a half years and a lot of work, he’s reach a major milestone and we’re proud of him. The best thing is this – the thousands and thousands of dollars invested in flight fees may be coming to an end soon. I can’t tell you how great that makes us feel! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

So congratulations to our boy. He’s the bees knees of sons.

ian2Then again – he signed up to take a skating class with his friends. They didn’t know it was also a figure skating class! Now that is classic. I hope they pass it. I asked him why in the world he would do this and he said it’s to counter the difficulty of his other classes this semester. Alrighty…

ian1The other thing I also count on is his requests for money. He wanted to attend a retreat with his church for the Martin Luther King weekend and it was a request I was glad to fulfill. It was an eight hour drive to the retreat and I was glad he rode with some friends. He said he had a blast and I wouldn’t think otherwise – it’s the boy after all.

ian4North Dakota is apparently going through a heat wave. What a goof.

ian5They’re doing some decorating again. I just love these boys. One of their roommates is he equipment manager for the school’s hockey team and they keep all kinds of discarded broken hockey sticks and this is what they did! The husband and I are going up to Grand Forks next month and I can’t wait to see their apartment. It must look like a “bro” place.

ian7Here’s another creative use for hockey sticks. Did you see the Miss Universe Pageant last night? I fell asleep before the crowning but I was rooting for Miss Jamaica, I loved her hair. I was, of course, rooting for Miss USA as well. On another note – I loved Miss Thailand’s costume too. It was a creative take on a traditional dress. I should do a post on the costumes. What fun.

And where was I?…

ian6I found this photo on Snapchat and I have to say these are my three favorite amigos. They have other friends of course and eventually there will be girls and hopefully wives and kids, but these three have been together since freshman year. Now they live together and I know they will be life long friends. It’s a blessing.

I hope they pass their skating class though . . .

January 23, The Unexpected

jan21This time last week I didn’t know I would have a house guest. And I didn’t know that house guest would stay up to three weeks.

jan23We’re still adjusting but I was convinced that it’s suppose to be.

And the snow! So great. We’re suppose to have a bit more over the next couple of days. I love the God that I don’t expect.

Happy Friday!

January 21, Reap

jan20 I’m grateful today – grateful that I have my health. Yesterday I did some inversions and you know what? I’m sore – you reap what you sow don’t you? I think I may be close to doing a total unassisted head stand. Yoga is wonderful therapy for the healthy and the healing. I think I’m going to be doing quite a bit of it over the next few weeks.

Just thought I’d share on this Wednesday! Stay warm today!

I Have A Cooking Problem

I find myself once again scheduling my day around food preparation. I have some friends who have had personal hardships and I don’t know how else to help but to cook for them. I’ve made pans after pans of beef and broccoli stir fry, chicken satay, rice, roasted Cornish game hens, chicken scampi – whatever I can put my hands on.

food3I was making dinner for a friend last week and got a call that another friend was in a horrifying cycling accident to which I made extra food, dropped it off at their home before making my way to the other home to drop off food. The girl came downstairs and asked what was for dinner and I realized that I took all of the food to give away and there was no dinner. Not to worry – I heated up a bunch of leftovers and it was like a smorgasbord.

food2Sometimes I have so much food that I have to throw it out. It’s not good.

I asked the husband if I cook too much – maybe? He said this is all he knows so he couldn’t say –

food1I’ve recently noticed when I’m nervous, anxious or fearful, I immediately go to the kitchen. I don’t really cook that much when I’m feeling centered so one can deduce that I’ve been feeling the former. Could that be the reason? It’s ironic and some people will drown themselves in food by eating it. I drown myself in food by cooking it.

This week will be a challenging one. It guarantees more pans of beef and broccoli will be popping up! Ha!