February 26, The Special One

feb24We had a great time visiting with our girl today. She looked great. She was healthy, talkative, and happy to see us. I say that she’s almost flown the coop – almost. She is our special one though. That thought is reinforced each time I see her.

Here’s to the special ones who are on the cusp of flying away from home . . .

February 24, The Calm

feb25It’s been so cold that I haven’t made it to the beach much in the last week or so. Let’s face it, I haven’t been outside much. According to my calender, the last physical activity I did was February 9th. The reason I keep a calender is to keep me accountable but it really just makes me feel guilty.

feb25aIt’s hard to get going again after I’ve been inactive this for this long and now all I can think about is the pain of getting back into running and how the cold is going to strip my lung of warmth. Of course I have a treadmill downstairs – I guess I could fire that sucker up.

feb25bThe other reason for treading water like this is that I know this is my last week to enjoy some down time because next week, I begin a six week facilitating session for the Culinary School. How this came to be isĀ  story in itself and I will write about it, but until then, I reflect on God’s plan just seems to always be surprising me. It’s already begun though, the planning, the coordination and the interviews for students. It’s a full plate but I’m looking forward to it.

All the photos above are SOOC. It’s representative of how I’m going to let go in these next two months, and just let God take the reigns.

There are a couple of things to do before the session begins next Monday though, and those two things involve the girl and the boy. The girl’s birthday is this week and I am at a loss as to what to get her. That’s my immediate task. And the other thing? The boy. I’ll be trekking up to the cold, cold part of the country to spend the weekend with him before the Culinary School session begins.

Yes God, please take the reigns . . .

It Finally Feels Like Hockey Season

capsvducks1A couple of weeks ago my hockey lovin’ husband and I went to another hockey game with some friends. I’m starting to feel like I know these guys personally.

capsvducks3It was fun as usual but the best part of going to a game is hanging out with friends and going to eat before hand. It’s just how I enjoy hockey.

capsvducks4Then there’s the fights –

Actually it’s seems that there is less and less physical altercations during the game and I’m glad. I always feel uncivilized watching one – like I’m in the Roman Coliseum watching Christians slaves get eaten by lions. I’m not kidding, I find it very barbaric.

But yet I still go – and I’m glad there’s less fighting now. The referees break it up early. Whew.

capsvducks5Neighbor Carrie and her son sat across the stadium from us and I spent a little bit of time looking for them through my long lens. I finally found them! Can you see them?

Why this post on hockey? Well it’s because it’s been frigid cold. And it snowed last night. Though this game was almost two weeks ago, I finally feel like it’s hockey season. I’m obviously a situational fan.

On a cooking/restaurant note, we met at Jaleo in Washington DC for dinner before the game. It’s a very popular restaurant owned by the renowned chef, Jose Andres. I’ve been there before – but I couldn’t remember what we ordered so we asked the waitress to bring out whatever she wanted. It’s a tapas place and it’s a great way to sample all the different dishes. The waitress brought us a steak tapas, a chicken tapas, cheese and seafood. Everything – everything was delicious.

hockey1This was the scene at the beach today – brrr – but beautiful.

Stay warm out there!

Valentine’s Day Week

The week between postings was full of crazy life “stuff” but it’s all good. I was perhaps feeling a little under the weather and not really motivated to do much except get through the week as best I can. You’ve had those weeks haven’t you?

The thing that occupied my mind the most last week? The girl was sick again at school and I’m wondering if she is allergic to school. Anyway, we spoke at 2:30 am midweek and it’s amazing what that does to a person’s ability to function the next day. I couldn’t do anything about it but somewhere inside of me, I worried that it was more than what it was – probably a bad stomach flu. She had a horse show last weekend and my plans were to drive to school on Valentine’s Day to watch my first collegiate show and spend the day with her.

Best laid plans.

The nurse suggested that she not do the show in her weakened state and I agreed. I’m not sure how her coach felt about it though. The girl missed three days of school last week and drove home. When she got home she felt better – then immediately felt that she should be at the show. We tend to second guess ourselves to the detriment of our mental health. She drove back to school on Sunday and when she got there, she promptly told us she had a sore throat. To which I told her to go to the nurse – again. It’s a dance this is – a jumbled mess of a jig.

I had plans myself you know – ones that didn’t involve the girl. It doesn’t matter I suppose, we take care of what is immediately in front of us.

vday1It was love week, and I focused on the loving and the lovely. What a shame that it would pass by without a acknowledging the sentiment.

Since the husband was leaving for training to the much warmer Texas on love day (the 14th) we decided to not go out to dinner but rather to our church’s Date Night. You may think it’s old fashioned, boring and unromantic.

To the contrary.vday2It was a lovely setting with all the trappings of a great night out.

vday3I had to show you the cute Cupid cookies. What a romantic alliteration!

vday4We were there with almost 200 hundred other people and our table mates were great conversationalists.

vday5And these two are my absolute favorite entertainers of all time. Here’s a little trivia – Jeremy once whistled Back Home in Indiana at the request of the husband during a gig at our favorite winery. He’s an amazing musician.

After dinner all the guests moved into the auditorium where we saw the movie God’s Not Dead together. Aside from making a casserole dish to share, we didn’t spend any money on that evening and it was one of the most enjoyable dates we’ve ever had.

On another note – the casserole I made was this Beef Moussaka on foodnetwork.com. It was cheap to make and really, really delicious. I’m going to make it again this week for a family of nine. Yes, a family of nine. Much more on that later.

Aside from the girl being home, the husband leaving to go to training and Valentine’s Day, it was a full week – but oh, it wasn’t over. We had a wind storm last Saturday which knocked out the electricity for most of last weekend. On top of that, the temperature is in the single digits, a record set back in the 1960’s for this area. I will recount to you my experience with all of that, but suffice for you to know that I am wholly unprepared for the zombie apocalypse.

I haven’t had much opportunity to think of photography but that will change tonight and tomorrow because – it’s finally going to snow, at least according to my favorite meteorologist Doug Hill. He also happens to be a friend but I’d trust his predictions even if he wasn’t:) I hope to photograph some beauty – it’s good for my soul.

Here’s to feeding your soul in this winter season!

January 9, I’ll Fly Away

feb8The beautiful weather last weekend prompted me to get on my bike and cycle around the neighborhood. I was so happy to be outside in the 60 degree weather that I forgot I couldn’t breathe and my legs hurt. Winter is hard on a body! After I warmed up a bit I was fine and realized that my little plan of running short distances with Ella the dog was working and I was able to finish with some grace. I really can’t wait for the cycling season to begin!

Today it’s cold – it’s back to being February again and it didn’t take long to begin dreaming of sun and beach and the Caribbean. So . . . maybe I’ll fly away . . .

February 7, Unusual Light

feb7There was such unusual light at the beach last week. Everything was wrapped in golden red light. It is however, quite chilly. This morning I begged out of an outdoor cycling offer because well, it’s only 30 degrees! This photo warms me up – and so do my red toile pajamas. I hope they have a great ride today – though I do have to question their sanity. Brrrr…