1. These are great! Love the blurriness of some of the photos. Make it look like it’s truly a happenin’ party! And your right, the b&w really works it’s magic on these!

    (Found you from your comment on PW-Photography)

  2. I always hope to share special occaisions with close friends and dear members of my family. No one could be more dear than my dear, dear Bill. He threw this wonderful party for me and took so much joy in doing it! More than that, he made certain that the people who really mean the world to me were there to celebrate it with me (except, he couldn’t include all of our sisters and brothers because then we’d have no room for friends!). Six years ago when we moved here from Bethlehem, I thought I would never again experience the kind of friendships I had to leave behind. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Thank you all for making me feel as special on my 50th birthday as every sweet sixteen year old who ever got her own party. And thanks to Bill for bringing us all together.

  3. Hey, I also came over from PW. I wanted to see what you mean. You’re right! I think the B&W also unifies the whole event. It looks like a rockin’ party–lots of action. I love the pool table shot. How did you get the one outside? Did you say its a photoshop action? I only have elements.

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