She Cleans Up Well


There aren’t many official “rites of passages” in our culture anymore but I consider the 8th grade dance one of them. Some of the girls in her class have been planning for this dance all year. They bought their dresses months ago. They matched their shoes and their jewelry.


The girl spent the night before in the hay barn.


With her other horsey friends.

Why, hello Kelly-girl!

I was surprised to see that there was no hay in the hay barn. It means that the girls are going to have to do some serious haying soon.

In any case, since the girl then stayed at the farm all day and did two lessons before I picked her up, I thought she may be really tired. At the very least, she was really dirty. But she wanted to go get a dress for the dance that night so we drove to the mall just hours before the dance started. I guess she really didn’t put as much thought into her outfit as some of her other school friends.


She looked beautiful. Her father and I were beaming, we had never seen her in heels before. After extensive discussion, I let her wear some make-up and I have to admit, she looked like a….girl.

When a mom cries, is she happy or sad? As my pastor said a couple of weeks ago, the answer is “Yes.”


  1. Aww, I love this. I so look forward to these milestones with my little girl someday. Probably sooner than I’m really ready for. Time goes too quickly!

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