Hello Love ~ Hello Canvas Giveaway

Update: Entries are now closed. Winners will be announced on Friday!


It’s not too early for the dog days of summer, it is certainly hot enough. It seems especially appropriate then that Hello Canvas has graciously offered to cool things off with a canvas giveaway – on this site – for you.

On top of the wonderful product they offer, I can say they are very nice people as well. A pleasure actually. Imagine my delight in their offer! And I can’t think of a better way to thank you for coming here and visiting. It gives me great joy to read your comments; it’s no little thing.

If you have been visiting a while, you will know how much I love my family, warts and all…so if you would like to win a 16 x 20 inch canvas from Hello Canvas, then please leave me a link to a photo that best represents family to you.

I know families come in all shapes, forms, and sizes so please don’t feel shy.

How it works:

1. Leave a comment here with a link to a photograph on your blog or flickr site that best illustrates “Hello Love – Family” to you.
2. Photos will be judged on how the photo best illustrates the theme.
3. If you could pass the word and share I’d be most appreciative, but I’m just glad you are here. Really.
4. Enjoy!

Only one link per person please. And only we can only judge those photos that are shared here through this post.

Who will judge? Because I know many of you who come here and so many are fantastic photographers, I don’t feel like I can truly be objective as a judge so I asked my good friend and photographer extraordinaire himself, Danny Douglas of Danny Douglas Photography to make the determination on the winner. Note: The judge is on a strict low-calorie diet so no bribing with candy allowed.

The contest closes on Wednesday, August 4. And another will open…

Also – Hello Canvas has offered to give you 10% off any one one of their great products for a month. Fabulous! Please use the offer code hellolove when ordering.

Disclaimer: I know some of you are not photographers but let me give you some ideas.

1. Ever had your family portrait done? Get your photographer to send you a digital copy.
2. Ever taken a great vacation photo? Well, it would look great on canvas.
3. Ever wish that you had more photos of you as a child? Don’t make your child wonder the same thing. Take their pictures now!

You’ll never regret it, never.

Thanks for coming by and submitting a photo and best of luck to you!


  1. How fun! Hmmm…I need to think about this because I don’t share photos of my kid’s faces with the www. I’ll need to get creative on this!

    1. Gayle, it doesn’t have to be of your family! It’s an interpretation of family…I know you can come up with something wonderful!

    1. There are so many photos at this link, is it possible to tell me wich one your referring too? “Hey Danny, it’s the 5th picture down” would be helpful! Thanks!!!!

  2. What a wonderful giveaway!! Becky from Life with Kaishon told me all about it and I just had to hop on over here to participate :) Some fabulous entries already, but here’s my pic of my little nephews holding hands at the park. The little one was just learning to walk, so his big brother was helping out! Isn’t that what family is all about? :)


  3. This was hard! My thought process – “Do I show photos of MY family?” (whose privacy I try to keep most of the time) “Do I show some other family shots?” I decided on this shot of a mother and daughter, just because… :)

  4. puna.. i’m delighted to find out about your wonderful and generous contest. i’d love to win as i’ve learned so much about love and family this past month. this summer i suffered from a miscarriage with my second baby. we’ve been devastated but have felt so blessed to have a little boy in our arms to cheer us up and create the love in our home that heals hearts. when he was born, our ‘family’ was born. i’d love to see this photo (the second one) http://www.martawrites.com/2009/08/motherhood-am-still-learning.html blown up.

    however, if i win i wonder if i should choose one of me and my sisters for a gift for my mom’s birthday. she’d love it. hmm. tough choices!! http://www.martawrites.com/2010/03/sights-sounds-of-sister-trip.html

    thanks for this opportunity.

  5. Talk about under the wire but…I didn’t think of this till yesterday and finally today decided it works for ME, even if no one else gets it. In Kinderdijk, Netherlands, 30 km from where I live, there is a grouping of 19 windmills altogether in one spot…a marvel to behold. It’s difficult to take one picture and get them all in but this one has 13 of them and is the photo I use as the header of one of my blogs. To me it represents family! You don’t always get the entire family in on one shot. :)
    or here at my blog: http://www.ginniehart.blogspot.com/.
    Of course, it’s not a 16 x 20, but I would LOVE to see/have it as a canvas! :)

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