Boys In The Kitchen & Doing Life

boyzkitchenBelieve it or not, when we remodeled the kitchen, this is what I envisioned.

I wanted people to eat, play, watch television and just live in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter that they are smelly and sweaty from hours of playing hockey. Or that they eat me out of house and home and leave a royal mess each time.

boyzkitchen1They have my laptop at the end of the bar and are watching some kind of video – and sitting on my granite countertops! Argh!

They are good boys – really and truly. I went down the line and asked all of them what their plans were for after high school. Ironically, my boy will be going the farthest away. They all told me that they would come and visit me – and that the boy will come home one day and his photos will be replaced by theirs.

This is what fills a mother’s heart with joy.

Today we celebrated the life of my friend Charles, a friend who passed away unexpectedly last week. So many wonderful words were spoken and so many tears were shed at his Memorial Service. It is the moments shown above – these short, precious moments that mean nothing at the time but will mean everything later – that I hold the most dear. They’re doing life together. It’s a reminder to me that I have to share my life with them.

Thanks for letting me share my life with you.

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