My Introvert

mygirl2As a child, my sister was extremely shy. So much so that she refused to go to school without me and since we were only 15 months apart, my mother held her back one year so that she would feel more comfortable starting school with her sister. Therefore, we were always together, had the same friends, and took the same classes. I’m not sure if it helped her to develop more self-confidence but it was nice to always have someone with whom to hang out – until of course our high school years when I started craving my own identity.

mygirl3I’ve often wondered how things would have been for my sister had she started out on her own – independent of her security blanket.

mygirl4Would she have been like my girl? Fiercely independent, calmly confident, secure in her own skin.

They are very much alike my sister and my girl. Both are extremely shy – some would say painfully so. I encourage the girl to always look adults in the eye and acknowledge their greetings. I tell her she doesn’t need to have a conversation but should always answer when spoken to.

And she does – for the most part.

I find that shy people tend to make others unsure of themselves. I find it so with the girl – people will approach and then sometimes feel rebuffed. It’s not her fault or theirs, but admit I wish it was different sometimes. She does teach me a couple things about myself – one of which is that it’s ok to not be liked by everyone. I’m a pleaser, she’s not. It is one of the many ways that I know she is a better person than I am.

mygirl1And then there are her friends – it’s funny how she picks ’em – or they pick her in some cases.

They’re a hoot – the whole lot and kit and kaboodle of them. It’s a wonderful blessed thing.

For Wordful Wednesday.