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IGA Customer Feedback Survey

How was your shopping experience at IGA? Did the services and products satisfy your needs? IGA truly values your feedback and comments.Take the survey and let them know your advice. To thank you for providing your thoughts and opinions, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of 20 $100 gift cards at the end of the survey.

IGA Customer Experience Survey Guide

  • Visit IGA Customer Experience Survey page (See Reference Link 1)
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  • Enter a 4-digit store code

 IGA Customer Experience Survey

  • Answer a few questions about you visit

 IGA Customer Experience Survey

  • Rate how satisfied with your overall shopping experience

 IGA Customer Experience Survey

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 IGA Customer Experience Survey

About IGA
IGA is a brand of grocery stores active in more than 30 countries. It provides Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, liquor, meat, produce, seafood, snacks. Contrasting with the chain store business model, IGA operates as a franchise through stores that are owned separately from the brand. Many of these stores operate in small town markets and belong to families that manage them.

Reference Links

  1. IGA Customer Experience Survey Link: iga.com.au/feedback
  2. IGA Customer Experience Survey
  3. IGA Official Site: www.iga.com


How much is IGA delivery?

The service is free for people 65 and over. Those under 65 pay a order assembly charge, plus .50 for home delivery in one of the store's two mini vans.

Is IGA still in business?

Haggai retired in 2016. The company uses the "Hometown Proud Supermarkets" slogan. Today, many IGA grocery stores are still located in smaller cities and towns throughout the United States. The stores in the alliance remain independently owned and operated.

What is IGA stand for?

Independent Grocers AllianceThe Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) was founded in 1926 to bring family owned, local grocery stores together under the IGA brand.

Does IGA do home delivery?

Easy, Convenient, Home Grocery Deliveries Save time and money by shopping online with IGA Lilyfield. We offer free delivery for all online orders over 0 in the Sydney CBD, Glebe & Inner West districts*.

Rating 4.54votes

  1. Rated 4

    I likes the store because the price is right.They have the good stuff like hit meal and alot of good vegetables.

  2. Rated 4

    Very pleasure

  3. Rated 5

    I love this place

  4. Rated 5

    my laptop wont let me put in the code which is in the white box it says “giftcard” but no code.
    I shop at the IGA in Busselton also IGA West Busselton. Both stores are just great and so friendly, always ready to help and always have a smile, regardless of what type of day they are having. Keep up the good work IGA, I wouldnt shop anywhere else.

  5. says:

    My receipt is not even a complete one. I shopped at Donald IGA just for a few items. Other than the staff being fairly rude or inexperienced and pushing in front of you or blocking your way as they don’t want to wait for the customer to finish getting what they want, I have regularly found items incorrectly priced/labeled. Very annoyed at how much money I’ve spent there on items I did not want due to incorrect labelling. The management has not once dealt with these issues in an appropriate manner. Management definitely needs more training and has done for at least five years, the staff are nearly all in need of decent training also. When an item is labeled, shelved and sold as something it is not then it should not leave the customer out of pocket. If the staff and management were capable of doing their jobs correctly this would not happen. Staff are reluctant to put you through to management without significant pushing. Management then just passes the blame on to stockist issues or other staff or delivery problems. Never a resolution to the problem the customer is left with. Most incompetent management I’ve dealt with in years. Very disappointing. I was sold an item that was something other than what it was sold as… where is my offer for my money back? Doesn’t matter what the situation seems to be as I have complained to this store more than once about various issues from out of date/off food to different pricing from shelf to register and even incorrectly labelled foods that I’ve ended up with only because it was labelled as something that it wasn’t. With all the stuff ups they make it ends up costing me the customer for their slack work ethics. Not pleased at all. If you sell me an item that you have displayed, labeled and charged as something it is not then I do not understand why I should be left out of pocket for an item I did not want and will not use. False advertising!!! Please train your staff in this store properly and teach them the importance of customer service. Absolutely repulsed by the treatment and standards of this store. God damned rip off artists and incompetent stupid and lazy staff. This store is the crappiest IGA I’ve used. Very surprised with the difference between this store and every other IGA I’ve used. The fact that the St Arnaud store is owned by the same people is surprising. Can’t help but wonder if they just put all the crap workers at Donald. Nearly enough to make me go back to using Coles which I am highly considering as they have some system of customer service which never leaves the customer out of pocket for their mistakes. Wake up DONALD IGA, you should be ashamed of yourselves for your lack of training, politeness, service, procedures and management.

  6. says:

    Didn’t pick up a flyer so can’t fill out the form above, but I was not happy with the way the young girl packed my fruit and veg. When I got home I found the tomatoes and peaches on the bottom of the bag with onions and carrots and other items on top. A bit of training would not go astray!

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