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Dynamite Guest Experience Survey

Dynamite is the fashion brand that gives you inspiring and creative ideas on clothes. This team believes its strength lies in deep understanding of its guests. To check whether they have lived up to your expectations, Dynamite invites you to join in an online survey and tell about your experience and feelings. Upon Finishing this survey, you will be entered into a sweepstakes contest to win cash prizes and survey participants will get 15% discount on the next purchase.

Dynamite Guest Experience Survey Guide

  • Go to Dynamite Guest Experience Survey online page (See Reference Link 1). Choose you language preference between English and French.

Dynamite Guest Experience Survey

  • Enter your 11-digit survey code and 11-digit discount code. Proceed to the survey and answer questions regarding your most recent visit at Dynamite locations. If you have any trouble or questions, click “help” on this page.

Dynamite Guest Experience Survey

  • Get help by filling in your email or dialing the phone number at 1-888-882-1138

Dynamite Guest Experience Survey

About Dynamite
Too many trends of fashion on the street may have dazzled your eyes and made you confused about what is really suitable for you. Dynamite stands out by a solid understanding of its customers and offering the right clothes with affordable price. Groupe Dynamite is a Montreal-based company with more than 300 stores worldwide. Their wide collection of clothes can satisfy your need in different situations and keep you fashionable and sexy all the time.

Reference Links

  1. Dynamite Guest Experience Survey: m.dynamiteexperience.com or m.dynamiteexperience.ca
  2. Dynamite Guest Experience Survey Official Sweepstakes Rules
  3. Groupe Dynamite Official Site: www.dynamiteclothing.com
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