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    WE know all about get the damn survey fixed, wont go anywhere?????
    So there isn’t any draw.Why print it on your bill.

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    have tried repeatedly to get on your survey and unable to please correct the problem

  3. Rated 5

    Maple ridge location great service

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    My husband and I went to the Dawson Creek BC. location and asked for no straws in our drinks. The waitress told us that White Spot is trying to promote and go straw-less. Good on you White Spot!!

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    Good Morning, Yesterday I went to Neighborhood Market St#05615 PO#000385 TE#04 TR#01959 AID A0000000980840 TC276D20BDD50E7DBB. As I waited in line, I noticed the cashier didn’t have any interaction with neither one of the customer before me. When it was my turn I kept looking to see if the cashier would at least smile or say hi but much to my surprise, the cashier never even made eye contact with me. She was just scanning the items like a robot. As she handed me my receipt I said thank you and I said to her I can tell you don’t feel like working, then I turn around and left. I have gone to other NM and the cashiers acknowledge you, greed you, smile with you and thank you after you pay. I have noticed that at this particular NM customer service is at a 0%.

    Previously at this NM, I have placed orders to be delivered there. One of the times I went to pick up my order, two young ladies at the Customer Service Area, where talking to someone else showing pictures from their cells to each other, meanwhile my daughter and I waited patiently until I finally interrupted them asking for a Manager then one of the young ladies immediately asked what I needed.

    I can’t believe that Supervisors and or Managers can’t see this through the cameras that are throughout the store. Maybe it’s time for Upper Management to start holding Supervisors accountable for what their staff do or don’t do.

    I’m not looking to get anything out of this, but it would be nice if your employees showed respect to the customer that buy at your establishments. I know that some customers treat the store employees in a inappropriate manner and that to me is unacceptable as well.

    If someone really reads this comment, I thank you for taking some time of your busy schedule to do so.

    Yours truly,

    Ms. Elizabeth Collazo
    [email protected]

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    Survey would not let me respond. Please fix this todays Date is April 26 I am a Whitespot fan for over 50years. I went to Campbell River w.S. as I have many times and was very unhappy my favorite item shrimp sandwich was not on the new menu and the new menu is very small.

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    The service and meal were excellent in Nanaimo’s downtown Whitespot. Unfortunately the survey was far to difficult to get into and I got directed to another huge irrelevant survey. ….. very confusing so did not complete the customer satisfaction survey.

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    My husband and I took some friends out for brunch yesterday at your Whitespot restaurant#630 on Kingsway and Knight.
    My husband has advanced Parkinson’s disease and has to use an electric scooter for mobility. I parked on the west side of your building. There is one handicapped parking stall but if you park in it you are unable to access the ramp that allows you to get safely up on to the sidewalk. The entrance is very cramped and difficult to navigate through on a scooter. This is truly not a handicapped accessible restaurant. The is no handicapped washroom, the walkways are cramped and and it was very difficult to maneuver the scooter.
    the food was as good as usual except for the “smashed potatoes ” that came with our eggs benedict and omelet. We might have a different idea of what smashed potatoes are but we expected small pieces of potato that had been smashed and fried and what we had was large pieces of whole potatoes that had simply been cut in half and fried.
    I do need to tell you that I am a native Vancouverite and that triple o sauce is in my veins but yesterday’s visit was not up to par.
    I could not figure out how to log in to your customer survey at talktowhitespot after several attempts so decided to contact you this way.

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    Love the food, Me and my hubby is just addicted to white spot, usually we visit twice a month and order a same food which is always delicious

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    Love the food. Great service

  11. Rated 5

    I live right above a whitespot in kamloops north shore. The best service and food anywhere. Thank you

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    I took my friend for lunch, very friendly waiter, ribs the best yummy. I was many times for ribs and I am coming next time again and again.

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    Trying to do the survey, will not let me.

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    Wow. Microwaved food at high prices and served a raw hamburger. A 12 year old greeter and lovely vacuuming during dinner. Now I remover why I don’t go to white spot.

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    All the staff are friendly and work hard. The restaurant and bathroom are clean. Nice place to meet my friends.

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    Kids love there very much

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    It’s an amazing place . The ambience is superb . Very peaceful environment. We had a delicious lunch here.

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    Good service and selection plus good food!

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    The last two times I have come here the service has been exceptionally horrible. The server looks miserable. The most concerning part is that I don’t think I’ve ever gotten my food in less than 35 minutes. That is not an exaggeration, I timed my food run time and it was 40 minutes. Tonight my food took 52 minutes from when my server left the table. For a table of 3 at 7pm on a Sunday night. I would understand if it was busy, but you were not busy at all. There were plenty of open tables. I will never return to this location, it really does ruin my impression of white spot. I’m sad to see the few options we have for restaurants in mission be so poorly run.

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    We had a great lunch. Not to busy and service was good.

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    My daughter and I came on a Saturday after, about 2pm…. we sat .. all was well and good as per usual white spot service.

    We waited several minutes for our server to the point that we were fully ready to order.

    When our server finally made to us(mind you the establishment was not very busy) she asked out drink order and we advised we were good to order. We placed our food order and all seemed to be ok.

    We had ordered 3 appetizers.

    Whern the food arrived again … all seemed good.

    Only our server left without giving us cuttlerly or napkins. I went to get to get some without any sign of our server. When she spotted me seeking out napkins she said “ I will get you some” it took over 5min. By this time we’re were nearly done.

    We never had a follow up to check on us and I also had to get up to ask for a refill on my beverage.

    Anyhow …. service was not optimal … due to this we had to wait for a burger we ordered .. when that finally came(from a different server) it was clearly from under the heat lamp as the bun was dry, the fries stale and coleslaw warm.

    Classic white spot food is decent and good. Without attention to detail … all suffers

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    Amazing food and amazing service

  23. Rated 4

    I always enjoy eating in White spot restaurants.

  24. Rated 2

    Not enough strawberries on the waffles

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    Use to enter your contest but stopped doing so, takes to long about 7-10 mins. If you indicate that you want someone to contact you they NEVER do.
    Also the daily and week prizes area sham. For the period from April 27/2017 to Sept 24/2017 about 174 day period, on the Winners list there are 131 Winners names listed. Based on the list the USA 101 winners, from CANADA 24 winners and from ENGLAND 6 winners.
    Considering WHITE SPOT is a Canadian Restaurant/Company based in Canada. That the majority of its diners are Canadian and fill out this survey; you think the majority of the winners would be Canadian.
    Also why are prizes paid as cash voucher in the currency the country a person resides.
    Why does the US and British winners receive more cash payout than Canada.
    Why is this not a gift card to the White Spot itself.

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    Willowbrook location

    Went here 2 times in the same week (one for date night one for my sisters birthday) recieved the worst service ever. Both times. Same server. Clearly he doesnt like his job but least he could do is pretend.
    Half my plate was missing (not his fault) but the least he could do was check on us at least once. We saw him to take our orders he brought our food walked away before I could catch him. I didnt want to be rude so i ate what i could and waited..the next time i saw him was when he took our plates and dropped the bill.. waited 15 min then he came with the machine. Didn’t say 1 word. I was upset and didnt say much to him just that things were missing he responded “oh” then he took the machine and left so did we. A few days later went back had the sane server! I believe second chances.. he was more talkitave this time when he took our order. Someone else brought our food… and we saw him when he cleared. I asked for my daughters icecream that came with the meal. He cane back with the bill. I asked agaun about the icecream. He said hed bring the machine and the icecream. He came back with the machine … no icecream. We paid and i reminded him again.. we waited 20 min and no aign of him or icecream we then decided to leave.
    Not impressed twice!

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    Cannot find your survey page, for the $5.00 off coupon. Great place but terrible web site.

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    Had great service and great food

  29. Rated 1

    Good Service, good food.

  30. Rated 1

    Not very happy with the service we recieved.

  31. Rated 2

    The service was good but the food definitely wasn’t. Too greasy. We won’t be coming back.

  32. Rated 5

    The food was good and the service was excellent

  33. Rated 5

    Great experience. Nobue 6565 was great and also really friendly.

  34. Rated 1

    We were at the White Spot 613A-650 West 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC on Friday, Sept 8, 2017. We were there at 8PM, ordered Fish & Chip and Barbeque Chicken Salad. We sat close to the Kitchen, my husband can see his salad waiting to be delivered to us, it sat for 1/2 hour and was delivered to us when my Fish & Chips came out after waiting for 1 1/2 hours. The fish & chips was iced cold. Waiter was no where to be found since he took our order had to get up and get him to get me a hot fish & Chips waited another 20 mins no sign of food. Ask for the Manager to come.I see a lot of customers getting up looking for their waiter Manager Sarah McCain finally came, my fish & chips finally came out hot after waiting almost 2 hours, Sarah McCain gave us meal for free but never came back to check how it was, we left.This location has always been bad service. Kits White Spot is the best on Broadway.

  35. Rated 5

    I am not sure you could make it more difficult to fill out a survey if you put it out for bids. I tried the Tripleos site no luck I get sent to a site and it took longer to fill out the questions than it did to eat our lunch. I finally quit in disgust. Then I went to the White Spot site, well no luck there I have a Tripleo receipt and it isn’t recognized at that site. So I take it you don’t truly want our opinion of our lunch. Sorry to have taken so much of your time. But the burger at the Hope, BC Tripleo was great. As all the burgers we have had over the last 60, yes 60 years. Sorry your survey system wasn’t as good. I don’t know how your rating system above works, is 1.0 good and 5.0 bad? I hit a 5.0 hoping it shows bad.

  36. Rated 4

    Always good service

  37. Rated 1

    Today August 15,2017…. Me and my daughters dine in White Spot as it’s their favourite restaurant… but unfortunately this branch White Spot Park Royal sucks! It’s 2pm… I ordered a Legendary burger and had a side dish of salad… the salad has a green string and i was calling a lady just to inform her to be careful what they serve to customers but she says i’ll get back to you but never did… she passes multiple times ignoring me…
    Our server only came back when we’re done…
    I know why this White Spot is not busy coz their service sucks! I will never come back here for sure….
    I dine to all different branches… Richmond.. West Broadway… West Georgia… Marine Drive… etc… been all the other branches and Park Royal branch is the WORST!!!!

  38. Rated 5

    I am impressed with how white spot improved in so many ways. I am frequently visiting the restaurant in Duncan together with my special needs friends. We are welcomed and recogniced in a very friendly way from all staff. The menus are so abundant and I am particularly impressed by the delicious food and fine representation. The prices are afordable for all classes.
    Our server Ryan treats us like family when we come and is mindful of.details we prefer. You are awesome.

  39. Rated 2

    Today August 4,2017,me and my husband went to whitespots at Park Royal to eat dinner. A server name Yuki 6354 give me the wrong order, my order is legendary burger but because its on the special menu, I was so excited to have it, it should be accompanied with ceasar salad and a blue berry but I’ve waited and waited for so long, until she told me that she didn’t get my order right, I was so disappointed with her. I just get our bills and get out, and I also notice that some ladies who work there doesn’t looks nice,their hair are not tied they looked tired, how can you go to a place when you will see those server, at least be presentable so people can be more excited to go inside. I hope that you get my attention and do something about it, thank you so much.

  40. Rated 5

    Always a 5 star rating