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Bath & Body Works Customer Feedback Survey

Have you purchased at Bath & Body Works? And how do you like the customer services? Take a few minutes to complete the Bath & Body Works customer feedback survey and express your opinions. You will have better visit experience and get a validation code to redeem an offer in your next visit. You can also provide your Bath & Body Works feedback through Tell Bath & Body Works Customer Survey.

Bath & Body Works Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Got to the survey page through Reference Link One at the bottom
  • Select your preferred language from English and Spanish
  • Read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Enter the 16-digit invitation number located on your receipt and click the “Start” button to proceed

Bath & Body Works Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Follow the instructions to finish the survey

Bath & Body Works Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Fill in your personal information including First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Email Address for better exchange with Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Upon completing the survey, you will get a Validation Code. Write the code on your receipt for redeeming the offer when you visit a Bath & Body Works next time

Bath & Body Works Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works, established on September 13, 1990, is a chain of retail stores in the United States, headquartered in New Albany, Ohio. It mainly markets fragrant flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles and accessories. Its customers are scattered across America and Canada.

Reference Links

  1. Bath & Body Works Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.bathandbodyworksfeedback.com
  2. Bath & Body Works Official Site: www.bathandbodyworks.com


What is the free gift at Bath and Body Works?

Bath & Body Works Free Gift, No Purchase Necessary! Shop in stores at Bath & Body Works and get a free gift valued up to .00–no purchase necessary! Plus, save an extra 20% on your store purchase, or get a Fine Fragrance mist for .00.

Can you stack coupons at Bath and Body Works?

Bath & Body Works puts out a new coupon every month. These vary and are often percentage-off, free-item-with-purchase, or dollar-discount coupons. ... The bad news is you can't stack these coupons with other coupons. In other words, you're only allowed one coupon per purchase.

What day is Bath and Body Works candle Day 2019?

December 7thBath & Body Works Annual Candle Day is Happening December 7th!

Where is my Bath and Body Works app available?

The App is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store via iPhone and Android smartphone devices. To enroll in the program, a customer must provide their first name, last name, email address, phone number, zip code, and other information, as indicated.

How do you get Bath and Body Works coupons?

How to Get Bath and Body Works CouponsEnter Your Email Address Online. If you don't mind receiving a few emails a week from Bath and Body Works, you can click HERE to enter your email address. ... Ask to be Put On the Mailing List. ... Make a Purchase at Bath and Body Works. ... Shop Online at Bath and Body Works. ... Ask for Coupons.yeswecoupon.com › how-to-get-bath-and-body-works-couponsHow to Get Bath and Body Works Couponsyeswecoupon.com › how-to-get-bath-and-body-works-coupons

Can you use expired Bath & Body Works coupons?

Bath & Body Works accepts expired coupons up to three days past the expiration date. Sometimes, by waiting until after the coupon expires, you can match the coupons with a nice sale to score even more savings.

How do I get free shipping from Bath and Body Works?

Just enter your email address on the Bath & Body Works homepage. Free shipping isn't guaranteed by signing up for the list, but, if the store has a free shipping offer, promotional emails will let you know.

Does Bath and Body Works give free samples?

Get FREE Bath & Body Works Samples! Smell good and feel great when you claim products from Bath & Body Works high-quality line of skincare! Right now you can request free samples from Bath & Body Works! Not only does this incredible brand make great products for your skin they also produce awesome smelling candles!

Are Bath and Body Works products bad for you?

Their products aren't necessarily cruelty-free or environmentally friendly. ... Over the years, Bath & Body Works has even sold products with harmful ingredients including Triclosan, but Consumerist stated the brand phased out this ingredient in 2014. Triclosan was ultimately banned by the FDA in 2016.

Which Bath and Body Works scent is the best?

THE BEST BATH AND BODY WORKS SCENTS THIS YEAR.Warm vanilla sugar.Moonlight path.Vanilla Bean Noel.Endless Weekend.Sweet pea.Forever Red.Cucumber melon.Twisted Peppermint.More items...•Dec 1, 2018beautyshortcutips.com › best-bath-body-work-scents11 Best Bath And Body Work Scents On The Market For 2019beautyshortcutips.com › best-bath-body-work-scents

Rating 3.631votes

  1. Rated 5

    Cassandra was an excellent associate at the Maplewood, MN location. I went at 8:00pm on Saturday June 2, 2018 and she helped me find something perfect. I never see genuinely friendly and helpful people like her nowadays. Thanks!

  2. Rated 2

    I was in the store at Lakeshore Mall today at 3:15. I completed my shopping and got in line to checkout. There were 2 customers in front of me and 2 behind with only one register open. 3 ladies were standing in the area behind the counter, who appeared to be unpacking boxes. I overheard part of their conversation where they were debating the merits of local bars vs out of town ones. At no time did anyone offer to open another register or assist the young lady running the only one open when she had to go get another lotion for the customer in front of me. The young lady who was working apologized for the long wait time and was very nice. I will be following this email up with a call to the store tomorrow.

  3. Rated 5

    I love the black tie wallflower except I don’t like it that its only seasonal. I when in for that especific item and Angel from the tyler,TX location made my day when I was almost fixing to pay she had found a couple of them in the back I was desapointed but when see show up with them had made my day thanks you.

  4. Rated 5

    Love your men’s fragences, especially the Bigalow products.

  5. Rated 1

    Stop by the Marquette Michigan store tonight for the final Sas and the 2 associates ignored me. I did make a purchase but I will not return.

  6. Rated 5

    Krista at the Birmingham, AL summitt location was absolutely amazing! She was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the products that I wanted to purchase. From the phone call I made to the in store purchase, she displayed extraordinary customer service. Bath and Body Works should be very proud to have her apart of the team. Job well done!

  7. Rated 1

    I shopped at Bluffton, SC store in Tanger. The clerk was rude and nasty. I didn’t shop for all of my items because of the service. I would order items online then go back to this store.

  8. Rated 2

    Good customer service

  9. Rated 5

    Amber gave us excellent customer service at the Bath and Body works location in Gonzales, La

  10. Rated 3

    Need new Christmas fragrances. Love Balsam but the vanilla and peppermint smells are common, or other fragrances like winter smell like recycled grapefruit. How about plain cinnamon? Or Orange and cloves? Can’t smell peppermint at all. Just a suggestion

  11. Rated 1

    It sucks that you have sale on hand creams and your stores run out especially at Christmas. Whoever manages the Houston district needs to know their job better. In top of that the store keeps the signs up but doesn’t tell you they do t have any until you ask. Worst Management

  12. Rated 5

    Love your products. Wish you had frosted cranberry lotion all year long.

  13. Rated 1

    I walked into the mall location in Cape Girardeau, MO and wasn’t greeted by a single employee. Walked not 5 feet into the store and saw 3 employees having a conversation among themselves. Not a single one of them would look at customers or offer any help. Was in the store for 20 minutes and not a single employee offered to help me or even asked if I needed any help. This is by far the WORST customer service I have EVER received in my life. I have been a loyal customer for years and I can tell you I will not be returning to this location.

  14. Rated 5

    I really love the worker at Sierra Vista Mall they are so friendly and nice!!!! I would recommend everybody to shop here!!!!!

  15. Rated 5

    I would love for you to restock your winterberry wonder fragrance mist because I totally loved it I wanted to buy other ones and it is all sold out I would so love to be able to buy other one so please restock it. Thanks

  16. Rated 1

    Very disappointed with my visit today at the Spokane Valley mall store. Was told I could use a coupon on a certain item, went to use that coupon and was told I couldn’t. The gal who told me I could then came up to the stand and lied to my face saying I misunderstood her. Then they had already torn my coupon in half BEFORE accepting it. They also sold me the Black Friday tote and I was told it was $30 and looked at my receipt and was charged $35. Awful service today which is disappointing.

  17. Rated 3

    I went to the bath &body works in Mobile at the shoppes at bel air and I did not like the customer service from the cashier 1561466

  18. Rated 5

    Just love the variety and customer service! Great job in bringing more natural ingredients to the store!

  19. Rated 1

    Store# 81065

    My visit to this store FAILED in customer service. There was no employee to assist in the store. What appeared to be the “manager” or “store manager” had the worst behavior I have EVER experienced and observed in my retail shopping. Her tone of voice was disturbing to use in the store in front of the staff she appeared to be training and I felt so deeply saddened for those young girls working the registers beside her. Her behavior towards them was loud and absolutely ugly! It was obvious the young girls had minimal experience on the registers and the disrespectful, inappropriate behavior of their supervisor not only bothered myself and other customers that gave the look of “can you believe _____” (fill in the blank). I would not be surprised if the turnover rate at this store is high based on this staff’s behavior. Many faces I’m used to seeing working there were not there. If I was not at the checkout before I witnessed all of this I would and should have left my items in the store. Also, for other B&BW shoppers BEWARE the last time I shopped at B&BW Online my name, address, PERSONAL INFORMATION was mixed up carelessly with someone else’s. I called B&BW and after about 10 minutes of trying to convince the department (customer service) I spoke with what looked to have occurred they wanted to tell me they didn’t see it in the system. It did not take much more convincing once I told them I would be happy to send them a picture as I rattled off this other persons personal information. Obviously customer service is an area of needed growth and improving your hiring process. Very disappointed in customer service and staff behavior that in any other setting would get her FIRED.

  20. Rated 4

    Don’t get me wrong i love bath and body works but i dont like the new lotion packaging you could’ve done so much more detailing,

  21. Rated 5

    I love bath and body works and all the products!! I always get great service when I go

  22. Rated 5

    Great shopping experience

  23. Rated 5

    I love bath and body work

  24. Rated 2

    I was in store #86076 in Medicine Hat Alberta on Friday August 25/2017. I asked the lady working the register if she could tell me how much 2 lip glosses were she told me and I said
    That’s okay and didn’t purchase them. I did purchase 3 candles. When I got home which is one hour away from Medicine Hat Alberta, I realized I paid for the 2 lip glosses even though I didn’t want them & also did not receive them. So I’ve been ripped off and I’m extremely unhappy about this. I’m a loyal customer at Bath and body works but after being ripped off I don’t know how I feel. Just in case you want to look into it the trans#9660 reg#003 cashier #3037880 till#1003
    People spending money in your stores shouldn’t be getting ripped off

  25. Rated 5

    Kiarra was amazing really helped us out and was very very warm and welcoming. Thanks

  26. Rated 1

    Extremely bad experience at the McCain Mall Store in North Little Rock, AR. Very disappointed with the behavior of staff working at this particular visit!

  27. Rated 5

    The lotion smells good.

  28. Rated 5

    I visited your Vestal NY store today. Dara checked me out. What a wonderful associate she is. Always helpful and friendly. She is the reason I will continue to shop at that location.

  29. Rated 5

    Dara in Vestal NY is the best! My husband and I were in at Christmas time and she was the most helpful associate I have EVER encountered in any of your stores. She is very friendly and made our shopping experience fun and pleasurable. She is a great asset to your company.

  30. Rated 5

    Went by on Thursday the 30th March, Shae waited on me and as always smiling and very friendly love her customer service attitude
    And of course love all the wonderful smells bath and body works offer TY

  31. Rated 5

    I love bath and.body works

  32. says:

    01/16/2017 I went in to Auburn outlet collection bath and body after work. To exchange my gift that I received from my boyfriend on Christmas. Due to fact that I forget my ID with him. My boyfriend took a picture of my ID and sent to me I show the associated and she’s say I have to scan your ID. I’m sorry are u cop? Scanning my ID. I didn’t want my money back or get store credit I just wanted to see if I can get different scent because the one he’s pick up for me on Christmas I didn’t like the smell. Just to see if I can exchange for different scent. I’m so disappointed due to fact I been long time lover of bath and body work. When associated told me she’s have to scan my ID and making me feel like I’m type of criminal of some kind. Usually when I shop at southcenter in tukwila one I never once ask for ID because I’m just doing exchange. Bath and body work have just lost my services.

  33. says:

    Personally, I love shopping at Bath and Body Works for their amazing scents, but also for their employees. When I need help finding a scent, they put all their effort in to help the customers. I have never had any complaint due to their employees. They are always kind, and they won’t rush you for anything. When you are checking out, they make sure everything is in the bags correctly so nothing will get damaged. When walking out of the stores, I always have a positive attitude and never a negative one.

  34. says:

    Personally, I love shopping at Bath and Body Works for their amazing scents, but also for their employees. When I need help finding a scent, their employees come right away and won’t stop helping until you get what you were looking for. I’m never disappointed in what I buy.. All the scents smell very good. I also love to go to the semi annual sale, because they have really good sales. The pocket pacs smell good and I think the price is good too. Their wallflowers smell amazing too. They have very cute wall plug-ins too.

  35. says:

    I just came back from Body and works store in east bruns. New jersey and i never write a review regarding an employee that is so bad but this cashier whose name is Susan made my day not wanting to continue shopping. I hope she is not a regular employee,if she is seasonal employee, she should not be rehired.or probably ahe needs to be reminded that her job involves customer service and making the client comfortable. She was rude to me and her tone of voice was very demeaning to any customer. And to top it all, i think she is the oldest in that store that she should be setting example to all the other young ladies working with her. She does not belong to this kind of industry. I left the store feeling embarassed. this was my first stop in the Mall and she ruined my shopping enthusiasm.She needs to be reminded!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE

  36. says:

    I love bath and body works. Every chance I get im at the mall to buy all my smell goods, i choose bath and body works over Victoria secret any day. Thanks a bunch

  37. says:

    I love the Bath and body Works in Temple Mall (Temple, Tx) The staff is very sweet and so helpful. Expecially, a employee named Satin Williams. She is kind and always has a smile on her face!! Thank you all for the Great customer service!!

  38. says:

    I have always been treated very well in the stores. I wonder what happened to the body butters. I need them… Japanese cherry Blossom…. the cream is not the same. I am going to have to shop at the other Body store to get them…. Would love them to come back in to the Canada stores… Please….

  39. says:

    Store 81620 had an employee by the name of Kobe who was indeed rude to us as customers. We’ve had a good experience in this store before but today was not and was disappointing. Maybe some of these employees should be reminded this is a customer service based job and be a little more aware of that fact especially condsidering this time of year.

  40. says:

    I had stop by the bath and body works at the Burbank location cashier Laura was so rude to my sister she said the F word in front of everybody including my kids.

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