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Goody’s Store Customer Satisfaction Survey

Goody’s is a brand used for some clothing stores operated by Stage Stores. Did you visit the store and have a receipt on had? Share your personal experience with them and help them improve on service. Your feedback is of great important and great valued. You will be entered to win a Stage Stores gift card or Steele’s Store gift card valued at $300.

Goody’s Store Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

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Goody's Store Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Goody's Store Customer Satisfaction Survey

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About Goody’s
Goody’s is a brand used for some clothing stores operated by Stage Stores. Goody’s Family Clothing operated close to 500 stores in the U.S South and Midwest. Then it start new store and focused on the sale of closeout, irregular, and previous-year merchandise.

Reference Links

  1. Goody’s Store Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.goodysonline.com/survey
  2. Goody’s Store Official Site: www.stagestores.com/store

Rating 3.98votes

  1. Rated 5

    They were real nice.

  2. Rated 5

    I love our Martinsville, in 46151 Goodys store. Everyone is nice and friendly. I get such good buys there. I shop there at least once a month or more . Thank you for a great store and great prices .

  3. Rated 2

    I shop at goodys in Lexington ten because you carry petite sizes I understand you are going to discontinue selling them I buy all my clothes there my two daughters buy there and I shop for my family. But if I can’t get my petite clothes then I’ll go somewhere else I’ve been shopping here since it was pebbles I am not happy about this at all

  4. Rated 1

    I was in your morehead store today wanting to do an even exchange for a gift I got for Christmas from my daughter, hence no receipt. I got what I wanted and the girl said she could only give me the lowest price the items had ever been. She said 14.99 for jeans that are in stock and on sale for 30 percent off. Seven cents for the shirt that is still on the rack for 18.00 and on sale for 30 percent off. this is this years shirt and it has never sold for seven cents. I wanted an even exchange and felt like they thought I had stolen them somewhere. I am seriously thinking of sending my card to Goodys and never shopping with you again. I only wanted an even exchange. not to be cheated on the merchandise.

  5. Rated 5

    I always love going in Goodys.They have such a wide variety of things. I am a long time friend of the manager, Donna .You could never find a more honest and hard working lady.I just like going into the store. They usually know what I am looking for, and they help with their opinions on what I need. Great store

  6. Rated 3

    Good sale coupons

  7. Rated 5

    Shop at Macclenny, Fl store and enjoy having pleasant, courteous help. Jessica Christmas is always helpful and nice .

  8. says:

    Ostatniej nocy sytuacja siÄ™ zmieniÅ‚a. PÄ…ki sÄ…, ale strasznie przemarźniÄ™te, bo w nocy byÅ‚y przymrozki i mama lamentuje, że jej rododendron padnie przez takÄ… pogodÄ™…A Å›niegu jak nie byÅ‚o, tak nie ma (w sumie dobrze, bo jeszcze nie mam butów na zimÄ™ i latam w zecyo‚orÅsznzch).

  9. Rated 5

    ” Goodys ” always have what I want.

  10. says:

    Always nice to visit this store. Clerks are always helpful.

  11. says:

    we like the low price that yow have for the clothes

  12. says:

    This store is great. it is very clean, and easy to find the items you are looking for. The cashiers are very friendly and willing to help you if needed. This store is wonderful. I love it.

  13. says:

    Went in store in Humboldt Tennessee on 10/15/16 and no one spoke as I entered. As I looked around no one offered assistance. I was the only white person in the store at the time. All the employees were black. Several black customers walked in while I was there and they were greeted. I will never go in again I normally shop in Paris or Dyersburg and will continue. Will never walk in there again I’m surprised you haven’t had a lawsuit over this type treatment.

  14. says:

    It would not let me leave the survey no. Why have it if we aren’t allowed to use it.

  15. says:

    i ate shit and a dick

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