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Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey

As a fast casual restaurant chain, Shake Shack steadily attracts consumers with delicious hamburgers and more. Its reputation increasingly grows since establishment in 2004. Now, Shake Shack wants to hear from you. By holding this Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey, it aims to collect feedback from customers. Tell them how they are doing through the survey, and as a bonus, every entrant will gain a chance to enter a sweepstakes to win a $50 gift card.

Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey Guide

  • Visit Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey Official Website (see Reference Link 1 below)
  • Choose the location and frequency of your visit.

Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey

  •  Rate your overall satisfaction towards the service and food of Shake Shack.

Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey

  •  Choose basic personal information about yourself.

Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey

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Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey

About Shake Shack
Founded in New York City, United States in 2004, Shake Shack is a new-born fast casual restaurant chain. At the very beginning, it featured in New York-style hamburgers.Over more than 10 years’ development, Shake Shack has expanded its menu. Now, more types of hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and milkshakes are available for customers to get at a Shake Shack location. Shake Shack owns a number of outlets domestically and internationally.

Reference Links

  1. Shake Shack Guest Experience Survey Link: www.shakeshack.com/feedback
  2. Shake Shack Official Website Link: www.shakeshack.com

Rating 3.310votes

  1. Rated 5

    Wonderful food and great positive experience!!

  2. Rated 4

    Good service and good food.

  3. Rated 4

    We had shake the black and white as suggested by the representative it was spot-on!! I’m a big fan of crinkle cuts they too were amazing!

  4. Rated 1

    Way to expensive for what you receive while the burger was very good, it wasn’t worth almost $6.00. My husband and I got the cheapest burger on the menu. The burger was about 2 inches and maybe an 1/8 or smaller in thickness. When my husband asked about putting mustard instead of the sauce the cashier didn’t bother to tell him the mustard was on the counter. The customer service was bad. Overall it was a bad experience. Oh when I tried to take their online surgery the link brought me here. It had a form, but you couldn’t type on it. I don’t even know if you can see my name it’s not showing.

  5. Rated 1

    I was looking for more for a 9.69$ burger no Lett. toma. pickles shake had no flavor strawberry look vani my last tm going. Disappointed!

  6. Rated 2

    This is my first time visiting shake shack and it was a bad experience. My wife and l ordered2 DBL smoke shack meal…after waiting for more than 30 mts l asked the server about my order and it was sitting down on the counter and the fries were cold and they we will bring you a fresh one. They refried the old fries, it was soaked with oil and burnt.

  7. Rated 5

    Great customer service

  8. Rated 4

    Th fries were good but the Link Burger was too salty.

  9. Rated 2

    I ordered 2 single shack cheeseburgers, and one double cheese with the sauce on the side and none of the burgers came with sauce.Sitting outside would have been more pleasant if my family and I didn’t have to experience being hit repeatedly with ping-pong balls. I couldn’t get on the survey site, but I don’t think we’ll be coming back to the shake shack.

  10. Rated 5

    First time and it was great!!!!

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