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Weis Customer Feedback Survey

A good supermarket is very necessary for our daily life. You must visit Weis Markets often. What do you think of the products and service in the store? Will you go there next time? Tell them your personal experience through online customer survey.

 Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey Official Site ( See As Reference Link 1)
  • Enter Location, amount and visit date in the blank

Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer some questions like ” how many times have you purchased groceries at Weis Markets?”

Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate your overall satisfaction about the Weis

Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter some of your personal information and complete the survey

Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Weis 
Weis Markets is a chain of supermarkets in the United States. Weis Markets was founded as Weis Pure Foods in 1912. In the 1950s and 1960s, Weis Markets (as it was known by then) expanded out of its familiar territory, first reaching York and then Lancaster by 1960.

Reference Links

  1. Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.weisfeedback.com
  2. Weis Official Site: www.weismarkets.com

Rating 4.52votes

  1. Rated 4

    Nice store, but the sales of pay a lower price for something, but have to buy 2 or 3, is stupid. The others sit in the cupboard for weeks till they get used and that money could be used to purchase other items.

  2. Rated 5

    your stores open at 6am —why can’t the bakery have the donuts ready at 6am for the customers—–best donuts in the whole area
    your employees are friendly and great

  3. says:

    the store is a marked improvement
    but a lot of people are complaining
    about the prices going up

  4. says:

    very clean store lik they should be

  5. says:

    Weis on Jefferson Street those people are racist people. I’ve been living across from that store for years. I go in that store about 2 to 3 time maybe a day, my kids even go there. First they started off messing with my boyfriend like we ain’t got money to pay for anything then my kids so I go up in there and they talking about we always come here and we ain’t never got a receipt with nothing we previously paid for items. First off Heckter which is the manager name their my sister returned a few things earlier and was cool my man goes in returning dog food because he got the wrong kind and now you Heakter gonna say you too come in here all the time returning things with no receipt all the time. Well first off your wrong if none of the stuff is open you shouldn’t have any problem returning second off if it’s the wrong stuff it’s wrong and third I never keep any receipts from weis because I normally just get food there so I eat that lol and so what of how many times we come there. He was definitely unprofessional and he needs to be fired and the lady who works in the deli needs to be awesome because she is very unprofessional and I told him about her and he still has her working for them she is not a security guard she cuts meat and makes pizza and trust me she drinks and smokes if people really knew how that weis was I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go that’s all that was on Jefferson and Prospect!

  6. says:

    Your Sea Salt Caramel Ice cream has a great flavor but it is obvious that there is NO quality control. I like caramel way more than most people but there is way too much caramel. If you cut the nozzle size in half and cut the quantity in half you would have an excellent product. The amount of caramel is gross, some cartons are just Gobs of caramel. I told my wife not to buy any more of this flavor for now, hopefully you will heed some constructive criticism and have a great product. Sincerely, Rich M.

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